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Church Financial Conference Resources

Simple Steps To Church Budgeting

QCDs Made Easy

QCDs Made Easy Slide

This presentation, as presented by our staff, explores the ins and outs for making QCD contributions.

Strategy to Maximize Your Church’s Reserve Funds

Creative Strategies To Fuel Your Church Ministry


This presentation, as presented by our staff, explores various non-cash giving solutions to support your church ministry.


This FREE bulletin insert lays out the many non-cash giving solutions available for your church members to support the church ministry.

Church Finance Above Reproach

Compensation Planning Resources For Your Church

Compensation Planning Guide - GuideStone - Church Finance Conference 2024_Page_01

Use these resources to create a solid compensation plan for ministers and staff and to develop a more comprehensive financial plan for the benefit of your ministry.

Budgeting, Finances and Saving
for Retirement

Giving Solutions for Your Members to Support Your Ministry Vision

Fund Mgmt Bulletin Thumbnail

Fund Management Solutions Bulletin

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Faithfully Stewarding Your Estate Bulletin

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Christian Timber Reserve

Churches in Transition Resources

Transitions are never easy, but oftentimes necessary. As a church body faces their future, there are needed times of evaluation and contemplation which sometimes lead to frustration. The same is true for individuals who are facing transition and change. The Transition resources were written to assist churches and individuals walk through times of transition well. Click on one of the images below to download the guide.