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Serving You and Your Vision for Gospel Impact

We live in a time where great strides are being made for the Kingdom of God. Yet, we have work to do to safeguard the integrity of the church—make religious liberty flourish, protect lives—and reach the remaining multitudes of lost people. Our calling sits at the intersection of these two realities. The Georgia Baptist Foundation strengthens ministry efforts to help bring Gospel transformation to every part of life, in every place on earth, across every generation.

We do this by managing and producing funds for churches, ministries, and institutions, as well as helping generous givers contribute to their Spirit-led passions. Our timeless philosophy called Faithful Stewarding is rooted in the Word of God and guides every facet of our work — from our investment filter to our ability to provide steadfast returns. It is our joy to serve believers and hundreds of ministries as we follow God together in making all things new.


Established in 1941 as a ministry of the Georgia Baptist Convention, we have always focused on advancing and sustaining the work of the Body of Christ. Through the leadership of five previous presidents, our foundation has grown to what it is today, with 11 faithful staff members stewarding our progress. We’ve seen our accounts and assets multiply since our humble beginnings over 80 years ago, and now we are able to fortify hundreds of gospel ministries with over 10 million dollars in support each year. We look forward to continuing in our mission, striving to uphold our Baptist roots and owing gratitude for the eternal difference each small gift makes.

Past Presidents:

  • Arthur Jackson 1943 - 1955
  • Harry Smith 1955 - 1970
  • Charles Duncan 1970 - 1981
  • Donald Folsom 1981 - 1991
  • Grady (Pete) Rockett 1991 - 2014
  • Johnathan Gray 2014 - Present


Dedicated to making a difference for the Kingdom of God, our team serves with equal parts technical expertise and kind-hearted service. We are your partner in Christ, as we listen carefully to understand your goals, assets, and ministry passion in order to reach the most effective results.


With the guidance of our Board of Trustees, we operate more prudently, shaped by the experience and knowledge each member contributes. From financial professionals and business owners to ministry leaders, we are privileged to have such gifted leaders across Georgia locking arms with us.


We create confidence for our partners well beyond our consistent, strong returns. By constantly refining our investment process, we ensure our portfolio never falls out of line with our biblical beliefs. We are pleased to report on all that God is doing through our work.

Support Us

Come alongside us in our work to empower gospel transformation. You can multiply your ministry impact by contributing directly to GBF or towards one of our Foundation Ministry Accounts.