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Country Church

GBF offers informational sessions on the topics of faithful stewardship at no cost to our Baptist family. Find a list of all current topics and our speaker lineup on our speakers page.

Principles of Faithful Stewarding

Our perspective of Faithful Stewarding shapes every part of our organization. We are honored to share these principles and processes with you as a way of partnering to advance the gospel.

Faithfully Stewarding your Estate

One of the most significant opportunities for furthering the ministries of the Church is to include them in your estate plan. We work to share ways to maximize our Christian legacy in light of biblical principles and practical benefits for your church and family.

Forgotten Formula for Funding Church Ministry

We are rapidly approaching a time when those who will be funding the ministries of the church have not been taught the biblical principles of how church ministry is funded. They have forgotten the basics of Christian stewardship and the concept of storehouse giving found in the book of Malachi. This presentation teaches those forgotten principles while including a perpetual support component Moses instructed for the children of Israel.

Church Legacy/Foundation Ministry

Many churches run into barriers when they think of starting a foundation or legacy ministry. Our time together in this presentation will address some of the common organizational, administrative, or knowledge-gap hurdles and get you on your way to benefiting from this high-impact opportunity.

Perpetual Funding for Cemetery Care

The responsibility of a church cemetery is a sacred and significant duty, as an important pillar in a culture that values the life of every individual. We help churches fulfill this responsibility in such a way that manages the balance between honoring those who have passed and sharing the Gospel to those who are still with us.


Johnathan Gray

Johnathan Gray

Sam Warner

Sam Warner

Susan Depasquale

Susan DePasquale