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Gift Clearing Service for Churches and Ministries

Georgia Baptist Foundation offers a gift clearing service, free of charge, that might be a great help to your church or ministry! Our goal is to relieve the burden for churches and ministries by acting as an agent in receiving gifts of securities (e.g. stocks, bonds, non-cash gifts, investments), into the Foundation’s brokerage account, processing the sale of the securities, and forwarding the net proceeds to the intended beneficiary, as directed by the donor. We also provide a contribution acknowledgement to the donor. The church or ministry simply becomes the beneficiary of funds without the burden of receiving, processing, and receipting a non-cash gift.

A few things to note

  • The Foundation will receive the gift on behalf of the church based on information provided by the donor. The securities (non-cash gifts) will be transferred into the name of Georgia Baptist Foundation.

  • The donor initiates the transfer by providing the Foundation's account information to their financial advisor. Please refer to the Gift Transfer Instructions document for these account details.

  • Our policy is to liquidate gifts as soon as possible. We do not hold securities or try to time the sale based on the market for trades.

  • The donor's contribution acknowledgement provided by the Georgia Baptist Foundation will provide the date and description of the gift. A donor's tax advantage is determined by the value of the gift on the date the gift is recorded in the Foundation's account. The donor’s possible income tax charitable deduction is not based on the net proceeds forwarded to the church or ministry.

  • The Foundation does not charge for our services. However, there are commission fees associated with transactions that are charged by the Foundation's broker. We negotiate a good rate based on our volume of trades.

In many cases, the church or ministry finds it easiest to put their donor in contact with the Foundation and let us work through the details together, keeping the church or ministry's contact person apprised as the transactions unfold. If you feel this approach is appropriate for you, please share the link below with your donor(s) or provide them Pamela Mills' contact information. She will be happy to assist in any way. There are some limitations in types of gifts the Foundation can process. This can usually be determined through a quick phone conversation.

  • Share this with your donors

    You can quickly share this information with any potential donor. Simply select this web address, select "copy" from the browser edit menu bar, and paste the link into an email to the donor. Web address:

  • Download the Information

    Click here to download information on our gift clearing service. This PDF can be printed and presented to your finance committee or pastor.

The Georgia Baptist Foundation's greatest desire is to help your ministry facilitate this gift! Thank you for reaching out to us. We look forward to working with your church or ministry.

Contact us

To contact Pamela Mills directly concerning gift clearing services, please use the information below.

Pamela Mills
3237 Satellite Blvd, Ste 150
Duluth, GA 30096-9028
P:  770.216.7534