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You already have an estate, now you need a plan.

This 10-minute checklist will help you take the first step in planning for your family's future.

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This 10-Minute Checklist will give you:

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An understanding of what an estate plan is

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A clear overview of what is in your estate

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Peace of mind knowing that you started your future plan

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You don't have to be wealthy to have an estate. If you own anything, you have one.

When you don't have a plan in place for what will happen to those assets when you pass away, you can no longer govern these critical and often complicated decisions. Instead, they are left for your family, or even the state to decide.

Establishing an estate plan will help to eliminate an unnecessary distress to your family. It also provides you the opportunity to decide how God’s blessings to you can be used to impact Kingdom work that will continue well beyond your lifetime.

We come alongside Georgia Baptists as partners, guiding them through the process of stewarding their assets well.

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    Discover why estate plans are essential

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    Explore the assets in your estate

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    Relieve the burden your family may face

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