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Strategic Plan for Endowment Investing

Coronavirus 2020

Amid the rapidly changing environment we find ourselves in today, Georgia Baptist Foundation is strategically prepared to continue uninterrupted service to both existing and new clients. Should you have questions or concerns, please use our contact form or call 770-452-8338 between business hours of 8:30AM to 4:30PM. Emails or voicemails left after close-of-day will be replied to by the next business day. If you have an urgent need, please email


The Ministry Trust Fund

The Ministry Trust Fund portfolio is positioned for long-term growth. The allocation of the portfolio takes into consideration both bull and bear markets. Additionally, the nature of many of our equity managers is to control downside risk. The portfolio is well-diversified and does not have any significant sector overweights. We do not think that a de-risking (getting out of stocks) of the portfolio is warranted based upon current market conditions. The current condition reflects a high level of speculation based on sentiment and not hard economic or financial data.